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Incubating and nurturing a new workforce generation

YPCN is dedicated to expanding its resources to students who are interested in making something of themselves and others. Our goal is to continue to create tools that will serve to improve your chances to reach your goals and become a major contributor to the success of those who follow.

  • YPCN is working on ways to open the doors of communication
    without effecting our ability to communicate face to face.
  • YPCN is working to reach out to successful professionals and connect
    them with the next generation.
  • YPCN is working to provide students with the tools needed to create
    their own future.

Connect & Collaborate with Students, Mentors & Career Advisors

Our new social network community enables you to collaborate, join groups, discuss ideas and projects, find a mentor, etc.

Peer Networking Done Right

Robust Career community consisting of students, business leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors and more.

Prepare to join and communicate with focused students who are looking to share experiences, build long lasting networks and advance their pool of knowledge in order to create their destiny.

  • Connect with other focused students across the country
  • Build team of peers & mentors who will be part of building your
    future success
  • Help others by sharing valuable experiences both in & out of the

Bridging the Gap between Career, Community & Opportunity

Grab hold of your career and get access to our exclusive internship and employment platform.

Exclusive employment platform

Providing new ways for students and employers to connect

Our new employment platform will enable users to find the perfect employment, whether an internship or long term job opportunity. Our platform will allow communication and interaction on the next level, enabling both employers and employees to find their ideal match.

  • Find possible internships or job opportunities in your field(s) of choice
  • Upload your impressive resume for top companies to review
  • Connect and interact with potential employers like never before

Find and connect with Industry Mentors

Breaking through glass barriers and helping you achieve your full potential.

Business leaders at your fingertips

Join a mentor’s group and jump in to the discussion.

Our new jobs portal enables you to upload resumes, search available positions, interact with employers to assist you with finding a job that fits yours needs.

  • Create a memorable but functionable resume
  • Distinguish yourself by earning career points that display your accumen
  • Expose your skills and talents to the business community at large

Design & Develop your Plan & Career Goals

Providing training tools & encouragement to help you succeed far beyond your dreams

Vast Resources Library

Our vast resources library consists of ebooks, self help guides, webinars and more to help you succeed in career and life.

Become a member and gain access to a plethora of resources including books, articles, professional blogs career information and mini books. Learn about yourself, your career and the art of motivation./p>

  • Improve your access to important resources
  • Increase your knowledge on various career and skill sets
  • Access various life and business motivational tools from
    successful professionals

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