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General Questions

What is YPCN and what does it stand for?

YPCN stands for the Young Professional Career Network. We are committed to helping provide young professionals with real world experiences by linking the local business community, government, and non-profit organizations with their extremely talented local student populations through our “Bridging the Gap Internship Program” and its career networking community.

What is the focus of the YPCN seminars?

The 4 ½ hour seminar is an inner exploration designed to help students prepare to enter their career of choice by helping to identify what is needed to create the foundation to find a job, become an entrepreneur, own a business, run a non-profit organization and live a meaningful personal life.

What has been the reaction by those who have participated?

The YPCN Career Development seminar is consistently rated as the top leadership seminar by students and professors alike. Many institutions, such as DECA, have incorporated it as part of their yearly leadership programs.

Can Universities or Colleges use YPCN as a recruiting tool?

Yes. Several institutions have developed Youth Leadership events for area high school students. YPCN even offers a modified version of our seminar for use with high school students. Also many College/University leadership organizations use our collegiate seminar as a way to recruit new members.

How do I schedule a seminar at my institution?

For more information on how to schedule a YPCN seminar at your institution, please fill out our online scheduling inquiry form or simply contact our offices at 305-463-8808 and speak to one of our YPCN Administrators who will let you know the costs and availabilities.

Online Questions

What if I did not attend a YPCN seminar?

No worries, we are actively working on ways to improve the YPCN experience with new and exciting features for all students. In the works is our Career Community where members can interact with other students and peers, as well as connect with Mentors dedicated to helping our student base achieve all they can. We are also working on an Internship and Job placement system allowing for students to connect with employers like never before.

When will the Career Community, Internship Portal and Bridge The Gap components of the YPCN site be available for membership?

We expect these highly anticipated elements and resources to be launched and available by 2017.

Will current members have access to the new features?

Yes. Current members will be automatically upgraded to have access when the new features are launched. New members will have access upon activating their membership.

Working With Our Team

How can a DECA chapter institution get involved with YPCN?

The DECA, Inc. has recommended the YPCN program to all DECA chapters throughout the country. If you are a qualified DECA institution or wish to start a DECA chapter, you can request for information about participation by completing our online form or contacting us at 305-463-8808.

Do you work with other institutions beside DECA?

Yes we do. For more information about your institution becoming an affiliate of  YPCN, please contact a YPCN representative at 305-463-8808.

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